Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Scenes Texturing

Here are a few of the main buildings we will use in our city. I have uved and applied textures to all of them  mainly using planar and cylindrical mapping. i had never tried uv mapping before this project and found the thought of it quite daunting but after a few tutorials i got my head around it and find it quite simple now. Although i haven't attempted to texture anything to complex yet i can see how it can become a headache on a larger complex model.

This is the bridge Moses modeled and asked me to texture, this gave me a few problems when trying to texture the main one was it kept crashing my machine which i think was due to the complexity of the model i got past this by separating some of the components and uving and texturing them separately then combining them back together.

I was asked to texture and combine scene 11 from Abs and animation for the scene from Loanne then render it out. This scene needed texturing, the sky dome placed in because some of the shots showed the sky and also lighting. The scene featured lampposts in it which i decided to add a glowing red light to to give them a better look, i am pleased how this turned out.

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