Wednesday, 12 January 2011


For this building i wanted to create a waved elongated s shape. To achieve this i researched into different ways of extruding in maya to find the best way of efficiently creating this shape. i found that if i created a nurbs curve i could use it as a reference for the poly extrude, after a bit of playing around i came up with something i liked. One thing i should have done is gave this building a bit more depth looking at it now it seems too narrow, but the time of building  i was more focused on the s shape although being narrow excentuates the shape of the model. 

This building is the finished version from above. as you can see i decided to not cut the windows out of the model and instead texture map them on. The textured on windows is more in keeping with the style of our paper city and also cutting out the windows will only create more problems with texturing when you can see inside the model. I reali like the texture of the roof in this model it again could b improved with using a bump map ect but for tht purpose of the model i think it will be fine.

This building was designed by Loanne for me to build and texture. i decided to cut the windows out of this build because i thought it would look too plain without them. they give it more depth. for the texture i used a simple white paper, i then uved it so i could draw on some cut lines and windows.

For this building i used the model from above and simply duplicated parts and linked them together to give a larger linked building. I applied the same texture seen in the previous image to keep continuity. I thought i could improve this model by changing the textures which i have done below. 

For this building i played around with bump mapping. I didn't like the effect it created because it made the texture look too photorealistic i could have changed the setting to soften it down but found that it looked more accustom to what we wanted to achieve without the bump.

This is another building designed by Loanne for me to model and texture. This is one of my favorite building i built and textured. I especially like the texture of this buildings wall although i could have textured the roof better i wanted to leave it plain white so you can see the geometry like origami.

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