Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Paper cities

NETS.. I like the idea of creating our buildings from a net to give a realistic look of a paper built house. Im not sure how this will work so i will have to have a go and see how it turns out. i think it could look good with ill fitting geometry giving a realistic effect.

Origami is a major aspect in building models from paper, it makes so many interesting shapes and patterns would look awesome being animated?? i will try and create some buildings featuring geometry looking like this. 

Although not CGI this image shows some amazing lighting which could be applied in a cg enviroment. The lighting gives a calm neutral effect on the image 

I really like this image i think the lighting plays a big part in making it look aesthetically pleasing. Ignoring the car in the mid ground the buildings are fairly simple applied with a nice realistic paper texture. i will be happy if our city looks as nice as this although it will take a different style.

As our project has taken a different theme (Paper cities) i have done some research into existing paper themed buildings.... i will be designing some of the building to be featured in our enviroment. i like this theme because it will allow every ones work to all fit together well without too much guidance and stringency.

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